Total Surrender Masterclass

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Total Surrender class(2).png

Total Surrender Masterclass


sur·ren·der /səˈrendər/
Cease resistance to and submission to authority.

Syn: Yield. Submit. Concede. Relent. Acquiesce.

There is greater ahead in this next season of your life, BUT it will require a deeper level of surrender and a stronger YES to God. Are ready? Join me for 3 powerful video sessions as we take a deep dive into positioning our hearts for TOTAL SURRENDER.

In this series we will uncover:

  • Who God Is
  • Why we can trust Him
  • How we develop deeper intimacy with him
  • How to locate the barriers to trust within us
  • How to remove those barriers
  • How to walk blindly with God in scary seasons
  • How to embrace obedience

Take this brave journey with us and get out of the boat and meet Jesus on the water in a whole new way!

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