Intentional marketing and outreach to spread the message of Jesus Christ around the world!

Your Challenge: You have an amazing ministry and God has called you establish an incredible work in the earth to spread the gospel and to feed His sheep. But despite all of your incredible efforts you desire to reach more people with your message, attract new members, have more event attendees and all around grow our ministry.

Our Solution: At The Tiffany Bethea Group we have established a 4 Step process to help ministries grow their voice and help more people in their area locate, connect and engage. Our process includes IDENTITY, OUTREACH, WITNESS, & ENGAGEMENT.

1. identity- who You are

Your identity as a ministry is paramount! It is after what people will observe and base their membership decision on. Even the most potent vision must be clarified and articulated so that those who are meant to participate full understand. We assist ministries with creating or strengthening their IDENTITY by defining:

  • Vision/Mission- What is your vision?

  • Audience/Value- Who is the audience that your church/ministry/nonprofit is looking to minister to and connect with? Where are they now and how can we connect to them so they can become aware of what you have to offer? What value are you offering for their current circumstances?

  • Experience- Once those who you desire to attract actually find you, what will they experience? How are they to interact and take part in your services and activities?

2. creative outreach- visual representation

Once we define/clarify your IDENTITY, we will assist you in creating your VISUAL OUTREACH. Your vision and mission must come to life creatively and visually in a way that represents you and draws those you intend to draw. We will help to create strong visuals such as your:

  • Logo

  • Style Sheet

  • Powerpoint Templates

  • Social Media Banners & Graphics

  • Banners & Signage

  • Misc. Graphics

3. witness-how people find you

The next step in the process is creating the process through which those who need to connect to your ministry actually become aware that you exist and are encourage to come experience you. We create this process through:

  • Direct Mail Campaigns

  • Social Media Management

  • Website Design & Management

4. Engagement- how people connect with you

This step in the journey is often overlooked but the reality is once we attract people we must keep them engaged. Active members and participants are the silent heroes who spread the word on our behalf and attract others in need to our organizations. We help you to be intentional about engagement with your current active members through:

  • Blogging & Content Marketing

  • Email Marketing & Nurture

  • Mobile Apps

  • Welcome & Orientation Development

Are you ready to intentionally grow your ministry and reach more people?