Take Your Message to the Masses


Your Challenge: You have an incredible story. There is an audience of people who need to hear all the amazing essence in your voice. But how do you take that message and create a powerful platform with it? Where do you get started with the book? How do you begin to get speaking engagements? What's next? Can I get paid for sharing my story? These are some of the questions that you are currently trying to answer.

Our Solution: As a professional speaker and Best-Selling Author, I have a special place in my heart for speakers and authors. I remember the journey of 1)Realizing that I had a story, 2) Crafting that story so that I could monetize it, 3) Creating a book and powerful speaking platform. But guess what?! I did it and I am ready to take you through the same journey to PACKAGE and PROMOTE your message so that it is marketable and profitable.

Are you ready?

We will assist you with taking your message to the masses with the following services:

  • Audio & Visual Media Production
  • Book Marketing
  • Social Media Management & Strategy
  • Speaker Brand Development
  • Website Development


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Tiffany has a wide range of services for speakers. Her minimum package starts at $1000. If you feel she is a good fit, how soon are you in a position to invest in your brand?