Tiffany Bethea, Kingdomboss coach


Hi I’m Tiffany Bethea, lover of all things God and Business!

I am a minister of the gospel and marketing and branding expert with an infectious passion for growth and vitality. I am the quiet force behind many Christian men and women in business and several faith based brands. Through my holistic marketing and branding approach, I focus on Spirit, Soul, Body and Business wellness so that my clients can sustain and enjoy the powerful brands they build. I am known as an innovator and one who possess immense creativity. My marketing strategies are best for those looking to experience exponential growth in their businesses and organizations.

For over 10 years I have been immersed in this world of marketing and branding. The bulk of my expertise has come through working for ministries and non-profits as the head of their marketing departments. After a difficult divorce caused me to have a heart to heart chat with God, I got super laser focused on my purpose and life assignment. At that time I transitioned to full-time entrepreneurship to help others build bigger brands and serve the world in an even greater capacity. I stepped out of the boat onto the water and haven’t looked back since. My specific expertise has been cultivated in Brand launch and development, Online Marketing Management, Media Content Development, Marketing & Sales Copy, Launch strategies, and Client Attraction and Retention.

I am a proud mompreneur who has balanced full-time entrepreneurship since before my son could speak well. I love including my son in “mommy’s business” because it fosters such a sense of pride and accomplishment in him that is indescribably. When I’m not being mommy or marketing expert, I am also an ordained minister at my home church where I run the marketing team, teach bible study and lead worship. A strong relationship with God is at the center of all I do and even my business is submitted to His authority. I believe His guiding and leading is the true reason for all of the success I’ve experienced (He makes us look smarter than we are :)

In the past 10 years plus I have worked with everyone from mega-ministries, startup companies, authors, speakers, non-profits, for profit organizations and the list goes on. It is my joy to connect with entrepreneurs and business leaders whose mission is tied to serving the world and helping to impact lives. Through my services, my team and I help them to spread their messages farther, attract more people and increase their revenue. I believe I am doing my kingdom assignment by helping others to complete their kingdom assignments. I serve God through my fervent business passion and I take very serious every project I actually accept (yes I have turned down work, I have to feel like it is in alignment.)

Thank you for stopping by my page. I hope to connect with you soon! I hope to be a part of your success journey!


Random Tiffany Facts:

  • I am a classically trained singer and dancer. I am also a writer who has been writing songs and poems since 12 years old. Now I put those creative writing skills to use with my clients. Oh and I use my singing skills as a worship leader at my church

  • I am a true Marylander (B-more!) and I love all things seafood. My absolute favorite though is shrimp (yummy). I eat so much I think I just might turn into one lol.

  • I am a serious movie crier. It’s pitiful I even cry during comedies at that one serious part smhlol. Yeah I know, I can’t help it I’m a big loving mushball.

  • I had my son via waterbirth. It was a wonderful experience, water is a powerful soothing element. I hope to repeat again one day.

  • I’m a PK (preacher’s kids rock!). I got so much wonderful training assisting my parents in ministry and truly developed my heart of service there in the background.

A few brands that Tiffany has worked with: