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Why Kingdomboss?

Spirit-led leaders and entrepreneurs understand that the businesses, ministries, speaking platforms, etc that we give birth to are not really ours. They are God's and we are simply stewards over them in the earth. This community was created to connect like minded believers in business who are looking to launch and grow their visions.


Accountability, Motivation, Inspiration, Education, Resources, Strategy, Connections and more to ensure that you not only give birth to but also maximize the life-assignment God has given you.


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Chief Kingdomboss



I am so excited to connect with you! I don't know about you, but I have observed all throughout the word God would give someone a PROMISE and then after that would be a PROCESS. That process was designed to help them become the version of themselves that could actually handle the manifestation of what God had spoken over them. Are you an aspiring author, speaker, coach, consultant, entrepreneur? Perhaps you are a manager, supervisor, team leader at work or church. Maybe even you are just managing your household. I have news for you. The person you are when you get the dream and the person you will be when you manifest it are two different people. I am here to help you transform into the version of you that is ready for the manifestation of God's promise. Are you ready? Welcome to Kingdomboss!


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It’s time for you to emerge. There is a greater you inside waiting to arise!”
— Tiffany Bethea